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Delicious Japanese Cakes

The cakes that will leave you wanting more
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How about a delicious Japanese  decorated cake in a birthday, a memorial day, or a house party?


Please call us if you have a question about the price and/or designs on our website.

If you want to place an order please keep in mind that we will need a minimum of three days to make a cake.


Verschillende soorten taarten met prachtige decoraties, perfect voor verjaardagen, jubilea of feestjes. Uw taart zal vers voor u worden bereid, speciaal voor u gedecoreerd zodat het iedere keer weer een feest voor het oog zal worden. Om een idee te krijgen van onze producten kunt u de bovenstaande foto's bekijken. Gelieve drie dagen van tevoren contact met ons op te nemen voor overleg voor uw speciale taart.


Please call us for further inquiries T: 010 422 3531 or M: 0639562313


These are Japanese cakes made by our renowned chef Miki. All of them are made with a high degree of care and passion.


Strawberry Cake ( 18cm round shape ) €27.00


Strawberry in the sponge cake dough Present Cake ( 18cm square ) €28.00


Strawberry in the sponge cake dough Rose Cake ( 18cm round shape ) €28.50

It is selectable from either sponge cake dough, chocolate cake dough or Earl Grey flavored cake dough


Chocolate Cake ( 18cm round shape ) €32.50

chocolate sponge cake dough and chocolate whipped cream


Flower Garden basket Cake ( 18cm round shape ) €30.50

It is selectable from either sponge cake dough or Earl Grey flavored cake dough


Lovery Berry's Cake ( 18cm round shape ) €32.50

strawberry in the sponge cake dough


Fruit Tart ( 18cm tart shape ) €32.50

used about 10 kinds of fruit


Earl Grey Flavored Cake €25.00

( 18cm square shape ) with chocolate whipped cream


Souffle Cheesecake ( 18cm round shape ) €18.50

the top surface is nappage using the apricot jam


Apricot Tart ( 18cm tart shape ) €20.00


Arcine Framboise Cake ( 18cm square shape ) €30.00

framboise with while chocolate whipped cream


Cafe-Caramel Mousse ( 15cm round shape ) €25.50

coffee flavored mousse and caramel mousse


Apple-Caramel Mousse ( 15cm round shape ) €25.00

baked apple and caramel mousse


Charlotte Cake ( about 15 cm round shape ) €28.00

it is selectable from either


Lime Rare cheese mousse or Cafe Caramel mousse Strawberry Cheese Mousse €21.00

 ( 15cm round shape ) 


Fromage Citron Mousse ( 18cm round shape ) €32.50

made with white wine. lemon flavored rare cheese mousse


Rouge Chocolate-Framboise Cake ( 15cm round shape ) €25.50

chocolate cake dough and framboise mousse


* Het daadwerkelijke prduct kan iees afwijken van de foto's.


写真は参考です。デザインが多少変わる場合もございます。 店頭にて手作りパンを販売しております。(写真)

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